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Justice Boateng: Bio

Justice Boateng was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. Currently he resides in Atlanta. He is the founder of the band "Justice and the Great Ones".

Justice and the Great Ones music heightens the mind and spirit; it calls us to a more profound understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit. Justice shares within his music, the power of filling the void. 
His music he says is “bringing back what is missing.”

Justice's capable writings reaches that sublime place within the human heart, and strums the chord within us with visions of hope and inspiration. Justice is driven by a passionate vision. His urge to perform music and share his talent with the world stems from “a vision in which he saw himself traveling around the world and inspiring the masses”.

Justice Boateng aims for more than just being an entertainer. He has a vision to share; He seeks to share his journey of inspiration with others through and with the power of music. By nature Mr. Justice Boateng is a motivational speaker.

The stream of inspiration that flows through the music can carry us to a beautiful journey that gets us in touch with our higher self. His music transcends the boundaries of creativity and spirituality. It illuminates the power of his spoken word.