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Justice Boateng: Home




A moment of gratitude, I bow my head and thank God for the talent and gift surrounded my music journey with genuine respect and love, I say a Big thanks to the Great Ones - Lillian Queen Oni, Shannon Howell and Suga.

Not forgetting my talented friends who played for the band - Mr. Baatin Muhammad, Kim Strings, Vince Vanishing Tiger Hakim, Kwame Gooden, Lija Rock and Emrah Kotan.

A special thanks to Steve Johnson, Kenecia Kay, Gary Olesty, Ntwa Dulema, Ezekiel Benson, Mic Moon, Dwayne Dk Kelly, Lara Belle Adams, Flaire Jonez who have used their talents and time to record and perform with me.

As a poet musician, I am longing for a manner of expression that would be useful as a voice of inspiration and for the voiceless. It is my profound hope that our music will transform lives, enlighten the mind and energize the spirit.

A special thanks to our music fans who are following us to a new landscape of hope and inspiration.




 Boateng: My End and My Beginning